Things I’ve Learned

(Some of them learned the hard way)

Punk rock is always appropriate

it’s easier to love than hate

The un-repairable never really is

There’s probably a free alternative

If there isn’t, there’s generally a low cost one

There’s always pirate bay

Support those local where you can

Walk where you can

Ride a bike where you can’t walk

The weather is only poor if you didn’t prepare for it

Pets are worth it

It’s likely not good for the environment, but rather less harmful than it could be

Anything can be a hammer

House plants are worth it

You are your number one priority

Strive to make new and innovative mistakes

Free beer is the best beer

Ride and drive like everyone is out to kill you

Try and call your family more

They’re probably not evil and mean, but they might be stupid

Photos of people > photos of places

It’s okay to panic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t postpone it

Sometimes you need to sneak up on the problem sideways and pounce when it’s not looking


Author: Andrew

Writing with the skill of 100 monkeys badly in need of an editor.

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